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IPAM-DNS-DHCP Server Management : Choosing your DDI solution

Nowadays, more and more companies use a network through their activity. It means that internet is a key element for the smooth operation of the factory. The number of IP addresses is rising.Therefore, DDI solutions (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) are a must-have and an essential technology for connected companies. The DNS server is often seen as the main server but the DHCP is also very important for the smooth functioning of the factory.


DHCP : a must-have component for your business


DHCP, also known as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ensures to provide an IP address to all electronic devices connected to internet and all the information needed to access to a website. A DHCP server enables devices (computers especially) to always request an IP address- they automatically connect to internet.


It helps a company, especially if a huge number of clients or workers are connected at the same time. It can handle simultaneously all the clients’ requests to get an IP address and optimize to get a better and faster functioning. Also, giving IP addresses automatically to each devices, prevent from mistaking a request by doing it manually. As a consequence, the level of technical skills is less important because the administrator’s role is reduced. A company can save some money thanks to this. In the long run, these savings can become profits.


However, it is very important to ensure the security for your DHCP server. Indeed, by allocating IP addresses to any devices , it represents a breach that any hacker could use to attack a company without being spotted.

DHCP Server Management

Optimize your network company thanks to a IPAM-DNS-DHCP server management


By having a DHCP server, the network of the company will be optimized. Indeed, it reduces the need for a network administrator because all IP addresses are automatically attributed to all devices. It allows a company to recycle all IP addresses. When a user releases his IP address, it does not disappear. The server can allocate it to another request. It increases the efficiency of the organization of your business. Also, a DHCP server can pre-register information about one category of clients. If a company wants to change the configuration about this category, it does not need to modify each client’s configuration but only the pre-registered information.


Nowadays, solutions are available to improve your IPAM-DNS-DHCP server management also known as DDI. No matter the size of the business, considering to invest in DDI solutions will be a great contribution. It allows a company to benefit from many advantages such as :


  • Task delegation for a smoother coordination
  • A better automation to improve the efficiency of the administration process
  • Many updates for all servers and networks.


The society EfficientIP offers a solution called SOLIDserver which ensures the continuity of all servers in case of crash. For more information about this, visit the following website :


It’s time to evolve and make your business more competitive. Do not wait any longer!