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How to integrate an agile working method into your business ?

Agile practices dramatically change the approach used by teams to complete a project. Instead of global objectives to be achieved over the long term, projects are split into several iterations to be carried out over short periods: one week to one month. As flexible as it is, the implementation of the agile method allows you to reduce risks and achieve objectives more quickly.

Support in the implementation of agile practices

The first thing to do to successfully integrate an agile method into your business is to reassess your corporate culture. In other words, all the actors in a project must be able to work in this state of mind. This necessarily involves training and supporting teams in this regard.

As a manager, your main role is to show the way and define the strategies and behaviors to adopt. In addition, the team must meet regularly to decide together on the tasks that will be performed by each employee. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the professional skills and desires of each individual.

Thanks to this involvement, your employees are aware of their role in the development of the project. Considering their opinions on the tasks they are able to perform within a specific timeframe is one way to empower them. As a result, they take ownership of projects more naturally, trying to do their best to achieve the goals.

The definition of a global vision for each project

Implementing the agile mode amounts to defining a global vision of the expected results. It is therefore essential for the manager to orient his teams towards this vision. To do this, he must be able to answer his questions?

  • What is the final goal of the project?
  • How does it meet customer needs?
  • What are the intended results?

The leader must clarify these different points before the start of the project. Thus, its teams will not lose sight of the objectives to be achieved. The idea is to make them understand what the company’s expectations are with regard to water, as well as the conditions necessary to achieve them. In this way, employees will have greater control over the different phases of the development process. They will also be more inclined to increase their agility to changes that take place during the project lifecycle.

Experimentation in flexibility

The success of integrating the agile method into your business depends mainly on its experimentation. Indeed, no organization can evolve according to a new management method overnight. There are of course activities that are easily adaptable to the agile method. For others, you have to try the experiment several times to successfully set it up.

The agile method is easily used in a software development project. For projects requiring more ambiguous production cycles, the implementation of agile practices becomes more complex. The same is true for companies whose employee empowerment seems less flexible for management. Also, keep in mind that the commitment and envy of employees have a primary impact on the effectiveness of this working method. So make sure that change happens on a small scale and through experimentation.