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Where to find the affiliate marketing forum in the usa ?

Affiliate marketing is a very valuable niche, therefore it’s saturated with lots of marketers looking to benefit from schemes put out by companies. As a result of this, people are always looking for new and more efficient ways to profit from the system. One of the best places to find this kind of information is through affiliate marketing forums, and joining the right one could make a lot of difference.

What are affiliate marketing forums?

Affiliate marketing forums are basically a rich online platform or community of affiliate marketers, who discuss the latest developments and share ideas with one another. If you’re a part of such a forum, you can actually get to connect with more experienced people in the same line of work as you, therefore, learning from their previous mistakes and how to do things better.

Forums allow you to ask questions, share information and latest practices, as well as collect opinions on strategies you have reservations about. It’s basically a place where everyone learns from each other, to make everybody better in the long run, and you really should be a part of one.

How do I approach affiliate marketing forums?

Forums are like a chat room and harbor lots of benefits, therefore it is important that you understand the right approach to not get rejected or kicked out. Here are some important tips to approaching and hanging out in a forum:

  • Read up and follow the forum’s guidelines for engagement and never go against their set rules and regulation.
  • Include details of your affiliate marketing business on your profile during registration, so people interested can contact you. It could be your blog site or affiliate business link.
  • Keep in mind that every member is equal on the forum, therefore, they all have the right to air their views without being forced to accept one over theirs. Never force your ideology.
  • Always look to previous threads to see if an issue has been addressed before bringing it up.

Finally, build your brand by engaging in intelligent and proactive discussion with others that presents you as valuable and knowledgeable.

Top affiliate marketing forums in the US

Affiliate marketing forums are actually open for word-wide use, however, if you’re in the US, some of the best forums to join are:

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is arguably the most popular and largest affiliate marketing forum in the US and around the world. It is a highly interactive platform that hosts over a million marketers from whom you can benefit from.


SitePoin is a favorite among affiliate marketers, and web marketing in general. It affords excellent networking opportunities which you could really use to learn from and grow your business.


From search engine optimization to design and affiliate marketing, DigitalPoint has a wide reach regarding the topics it covers. As an extra, it also allows you to take part in buying and selling digital products and services among forum members.

The V7 Network

The V7 Network consists of many active participants who are ready to tackle your questions head-on all day. The forum covers major threads like web development and affiliate marketing.


Affiilorama takes forum duties to the next level by providing starters supports in the form of video and audio to help you grow and earn faster.